Everlyn Healthcare India Private limited is one of India’s emerging company in the field of health and nutrition. Everlyn helps to improve the lives of thousands of people in two ways:

1. Quality Product lines that customers can always trust
2. Innovative Direct Selling program that offers a fair and balanced compensation plan.

The name Everlyn is derived from Kenya and says the name Everlyn means "Gift of God" and is of English origin. Everlyn develops quality Nutritional Supplements, Healthy Weight-Management, Home-Care, Agriculture, Beauty-Care, Garments and Personal-care Products which are used by our independent Associates.

Company works on the formula of 3 P’s – Principles, People & Products.

It gives us a Positive Inspiration to start a Business with effective products and we will always give a positive atmosphere to everyone because one who believes us can lead positively and become an inspiration for all.

Our top priorities are: Product integrity, safety and efficacy as well as to give lifelong income on committed time period with our best services.

Best of luck
Team Everlyn Healthcare India Private Limited

We strive to provide the highest quality product to our customers, to provide a safe stable and rewarding Business Opportunity and work environment for our IBO’s, to provide Leadership to our Industry and to attain a fair profit in the Direct Selling Industry that we serve.

Everlyn Healthcare is grassroot business model enable people form all walk of life to start their own business with minimal starting amount with hard work and dedication opportunity to become economically self-sufficient improving the lives of their families and communities as well as helping other to achieve their dreams.

  • - We believe in people
  • - We are one team
  • - Straightforward and open-minded
  • - Keep it simple
  • - Entrepreneurial spirit
  • - Constant improvement
  • - Cost-consciousness
  • - Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  • - Quality: What we do, we do well